Rhem Galloway, Tōdem

It’s not what you do, or how you do it... it’s why you do it.

At Tōdem, we believe that for your brand to rise above the rest, you must first look inward. Our inside-out transformative approach to branding puts your purpose, people and beautiful design above all else and in doing so, the rest comes easy. We live in a society starved for belonging. As a company leader you have the opportunity to fill that void while also setting yourself up for long-term success and happiness. Science, research, and proven results have our back on this one. If longevity, brand loyalty, purposeful work and company growth sound good to you, Tōdem is here to get you off to the best start (or restart) possible. We’ll also make you look great along the way.

Rhem feels right at home with her kids when they are surrounded with markers, crayons and paint, the same as she did when she was their age. Being creative with a wandering (yet curious) mind has been a part of who she is for as long as she, or anyone that knows her, can remember.

Unlike most, she did not choose graphic design, it sort of chose her when her mother said she couldn’t be a starving artist. In fact, she didn’t even know what graphic design was, but after graduating from USC and the renowned Portfolio Center in Atlanta, she not only knew what graphic design entailed, she was keenly aware of how to use her noggin (although some of her friends might beg to differ…).

Rhem started out her design career at Brains on Fire, a local yet national, Word of Mouth creative agency. But when a recession hits and you’re the lowest on the totem pole (no pun intended), well… you start freelancing and never look back. As a freelancer for over 10 years, Rhem was able to enjoy the entire branding process from start to finish, make lots of new connections, embrace her entrepreneurial and leadership genes, and build a positive reputation and family along the way. Now as a business owner, with a growing team by her side, she looks forward to seeing what the future holds as they put their talents, personalities and passion to use, with Tōdem.

As Chief Brand Leader, Rhem has her hands in nearly every aspect of Tōdem. Not much goes out the door that she has not put her finger on in one way or another. She juggles many hats but her favorite part of the job is one-on-one time with clients and seeing everyone’s hard work payoff when whatever is at hand comes to life.