Jillian Wells, E3: Employee Engagement and Experience

Every company wants the best team, but after the recruiting and interviews, how do you keep your people around? E3: Employee. Engagement. Experience. We specialize in coaching/training companies on how to keep their employees engaged, creating an optimal experience in the workplace; ultimately resulting in superior performance, increased customer satisfaction and higher retention. Big or small companies, we interview employees to learn their ideas/concerns, create a game-plan and coach/train leaders on how to execute.

Jillian Wells comes from a diverse background beginning as a Television Meteorologist/News Reporter/Anchor where she perfected her public speaking and presentation skills. From there she excelled in sales, then became the director off a million dollar fitness club, followed by a leadership role as a Recruiting/Training Manager overseeing 60 independent agents. Jillian is a divorced mom of 2 amazing boys (7 and 5) and loves outdoor adventures and working out.