Meet the Team



Owner of MEL BAR MAR, Digital Content Studio

I keep us laser focused on our mission to empower women to grow more profitable businesses. Backed by my incredible team, I review every application, vet every speaker, and mine for opportunities to bring exposure to our member's businesses.

When I'm not running MEL BAR MAR or WEofC, my favorite role is mother to Wyatt, my blonde tornado. 


Expertise: Creating bespoke, engaging, and converting digital content for technology companies.

Favorite quote: "Those who tell the stories rule society." - Plato

Mantra for 2018: Massive imperfect action.



Director of Membership

Account Manager at MEL BAR MAR, Digital Content Studio

I manage the incredible amount of detail that we keep on each of our members to ensure we're serving them in the most effective way possible.

When I'm not focused on our members, my favorite role is XYZ. 



Favorite quote:

Mantra for 2018:


Director of Community

Owner of Goodness Glows

WEofC plays a key role in the growing entrepreneur ecosystem in Charleston. My role is to connect with like-minded organizations in order to bring the most valuable resources to our members our community has to offer.

When I'm not focused on deepening our relationship with the community, my favorite role is XYZ. 



Favorite quote:

Mantra for 2018:


Director of Operations

X at X

As a for-profit, for-good business I ensure that the internal operations of WEofC follow all best practices for business.

When I'm not focused on the critical tasks that fuel our business, my favorite role mother to a gorgeous new baby girl. 



Favorite quote:

Mantra for 2018:


Social Media Manager

Junior at College of Charleston, School of Business

My role is to share the goodness that goes on inside of WEofC with the outside world to grow our platform, gain exposure for our members, and highlight women in business.

When I'm not at school, my favorite thing to do is... 



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Mantra for 2018:


Lead Designer

Senior Designer at MEL BAR MAR, Digital Content Studio

I make sure I embrace the personality and character of WEofC and spread our message in the most beautiful and aesthetic way possible. My designs send a clear message of professionalism, creativity, and passion for what we do. 

When I'm designing for our brands, I make sure our women in business are visually represented in the best possible light. 


Expertise: Creating visual graphics for print and web for a variety of clientele. 

Favorite quote: "Whatever happened to "Hey, I have some apples, would you like to buy them?" "Yes, Thank you!". That's as complicated as it should be to open a business in this country." - Ron Swanson

Mantra for 2018: Expect Nothing and Go for Everything


Official Photographer

Owner at Kelly Vann Calaway Photography

Since our inception in April 2017, I have captured the journey of the women behind the women owned businesses of Charleston SC.

When I'm not taking pictures... 



Favorite quote:

Mantra for 2018:




Community Moderator