Style Guide

How we look, sound, and feel.

Photography Style



Real Business Owners in Authentic Settings



Staged, Over-Polished and/or Corporate


Diverse in Industry, Age, and Ethnicity


Highly Feminine or Sexy


(Local) Representative of Charleston

(Global) Representative of New York


Professional Photography

Amateur / iPhone Photography


Tone of Voice & Writing Style

Words to Avoid

  • #bosslady | Overly feminist, instead use #boss #womenbusinessowner #femalefounder etc. 
  • Startup | Implies tech; the startup space is saturated, we are focusing on a much different niche 
  • Cliches such as "Work hard, play hard" | Our voice should be our own
  • "Kick ass" and other curse words | We bring a fresh perspective, but we're not trying to be edgy
  • Cutesy Emojis 🙋🏼 👑  | Use icons/elements instead 👈🏽 👀
  • "Inspiration" | Use instead: "Knowledge" or "Expertise"
  • "Networking" | Use instead: "Connecting" or "Sharing"
  • Negative | We don't respond to news articles about sexism or unequal pay; instead we highlight articles about successful milestones for women in business



"Join us on Friday as we hear from kickass speaker Jane Doe who rocks the financial world with her wisdom and inspiration. 💁 #bosslady #inspirationalspeaker"



"Jane Doe, owner of XYZ Accounting Firm, joins us on Friday to share her expertise on leveraging financial strategies to improve profitability year after year. Link in bio to purchase your ticket. #weofc #knowledgexchange 💰"