Been There, Run That?

Unlike a large conference with a ‘mixed-bag’ of attendees, our intimate events include only your core audience, designed to create an authentic connection between you and our members.

We’re committed to hosting 5-star experiences featuring only high-quality content providing massive ROI for attendees AND speakers.

Are you in?


If you ARE…

A Thought Leader with a ‘secret sauce’ that’s proven and repeatable

An experienced speaker and facilitator

A successful entrepreneur with a desire to give back

Focused on growing your reach and increasing your impact

We want you.


We Do

  • Next-level, strategic concepts for smart and savvy women

  • Tactical and practical take-aways attendees can implement the very next day

  • Content designed exclusively for women who are running businesses

We Don’t Do

  • ‘Business 101’ that can be found in a Google search or free webinar

  • Content that isn’t directly tied to the every day operations of running a business or tailored for women

  • Sales pitches


You've made it. Now, you're ready to give back. Here's how:



Browse our list of potential topics and Speaker Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only select business topics directly related to running a company.



Complete the form below to tell us who you are and what you plan to speak about.

You’ll have the opportunity to finalize all of the info given to us later, so don’t worry about it being perfect right now.


If your topic is a good fit, we’ll invite you to attend a brief video chat.

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Potential Topics

The following list of topics has been created in order to help with brainstorming your potential presentation topic. Visit our Events page to browse past successful events that will help guide you when putting together your presentation.

  • Business Strategy + Planning

    • Revenue models

    • Pricing strategies

    • Strategic partnerships

  • Finance + Fund Raising

    • Exit strategies

    • Raising capital

    • Understanding your numbers

  • Marketing + Sales

    • Branding, tone of voice

    • Competitive advantage

    • Building a pipeline

  • Tools + Operations

    • Cloud-based tools

    • Outsourcing

    • Productivity tools

  • Personal Development

    • Work/life balance

    • Confidence

    • Overcoming obstacles

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • Growth strategies

    • Achieving scale

    • System design

  • Managment + HR

    • Leadership

    • Building a team

    • Outsourcing

  • Inspiration + Motivation

    • Overcoming failure

    • When to persevere vs pivot

    • Success strategies

  • Legal

    • Protecting your business

    • Creating intellectual property

    • Certifications for women owned business

Speaker Guidelines

  • Speakers should balance strategic next-level concepts with tangible take-aways (think business 201, not 101).

  • To gain a better understanding of the women who will be in attendance and the types of businesses they run, please review our View Members page.

  • You’re welcome to end your presentation with a call to action to contact you for products or paid services.

  • Visuals are not required but highly encouraged. We have discounted presentation design support available. If you don’t have a presentation, at least a 1-pager with key take-aways is required.

  • 3 complimentary tickets are provided for you to invite guests (live and virtual only, not applicable to our On-Demand Series).

  • We’ll conduct all promotional activities on your behalf, but we highly encourage you to promote your event with your network.

  • A recent, high-resolution headshot is required. No selfies or low-quality images are accepted. Feel free to send more than one!

Questions? Need help brainstorming a topic? Send us a note and we'll help guide you.