Been There, Run That?

Melissa Barker, Founder

Melissa Barker, Founder


Make an impact in the lives of hundreds of women entrepreneurs when you share your expertise at one of our events.

Unlike a networking group or happy hour, we host monthly, live and virtual, expert-led events on topics directly related to running a company. Attendees learn next-level strategic business concepts along with practical learnings they can apply to their business the very next day.

No pep rallies. No fluff. Just real learnings for real business.


You've made it. Now, you're ready to give back. Here's how:

  1. Browse our list of potential topics listed at the bottom of this page. Please note that we only select business topics directly related to running a company.


2. Send us a little information about who you are and what you plan to speak about. If your topic is a good fit, we’ll reach out about scheduling a brief phone interview.

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Potential Topics

The following list of topics has been created in order to help with brainstorming your potential presentation topic. Visit our Events page to browse past successful events that will help guide you when putting together your presentation.

  • Business Strategy + Planning

    • Revenue models

    • Pricing strategies

    • Strategic partnerships

  • Finance + Fund Raising

    • Exit strategies

    • Raising capital

    • Understanding your numbers

  • Marketing + Sales

    • Branding, tone of voice

    • Competitive advantage

    • Building a pipeline

  • Tools + Operations

    • Cloud-based tools

    • Outsourcing

    • Productivity tools

  • Personal Development

    • Work/life balance

    • Confidence

    • Overcoming obstacles

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • Growth strategies

    • Achieving scale

    • System design

  • Managment + HR

    • Leadership

    • Building a team

    • Outsourcing

  • Inspiration + Motivation

    • Overcoming failure

    • When to persevere vs pivot

    • Success strategies

  • Legal

    • Protecting yourself

    • Establishing intellectual property

    • Certifications for women owned business

Speaker Guidelines

  • Speakers should balance strategic next-level concepts with tangible take-aways (think business 201, not 101).

  • To gain a better understanding of the women who will be in attendance and the types of businesses and backgrounds they represent, please visit our View Members page.

  • You’re welcome to end your presentation with a call to action to contact you for paid services.

  • An email list of attendees is available upon request (we ask that you send a 1x/email vs adding to your newsletter).

  • 3 complimentary tickets are provided for you to invite guests.

  • Worksheets are recommended but not required.

  • We will conduct all promotional activities on your behalf, but we highly encourage that you promote our event with your network.

  • You will need to provide a recent, high-resolution headshot, brief bio, and 2-3 sentence description that tells attendees why your topic is important, why you’re an expert and what 2-3 take-aways they can expect to learn.

Questions? Need help brainstorming a topic? Send us a note and we'll help guide you.