Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for being a valuable part of our mission to empower women to start, grow and sustain more profitable businesses! Please read the following information carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Please adhere to our TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT Guidelines:

01: Think Business 201, Not 101

You’ll be speaking to a group of smart, resourceful, and savvy business-women. Skip the fundamentals – deliver next level business concepts with clear and actionable take-aways.

02: Deliver Value from Minute 1

Attendees will know who you are, why you’re an expert, and what you plan to speak about. Events are designed to deliver the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time, so dive into your content right away.

03: Skip Audience Intros

Since we’re a membership organization many attendees will already know each other, so please don’t take time from your talk to have each attendee introduce themselves. Instead, visit our View Members page to browse potential attendees and (if applicable) arrive at in-person events a few minutes early to get to know your attendees.

04: Don’t Just Present, Facilitate

One of the greatest gifts we can give the busy women that attend our events is an opportunity to make real-time progress on the concepts you’re sharing. We encourage worksheets, group brain storming, and interactivity throughout the event.

05: Include a Call to Action

You’re welcome and encouraged to end your presentation with a call to action to contact you for paid services or to buy your product. We WANT you to gain exposure to our audience in exchange for your time and expertise.

Preparing For Your Event:

  • Please prepare 30-45 mins of content with 15 mins of Q&A that can be conducted during your presentation or at the end.

  • Slides are not required, but visuals and/or worksheets are highly encouraged. Please bring your own print-outs to in-person events if required, or contact a member of our team for help with printing.

  • If you would like to share anything with the attendees ahead of time, please send it to team@womenentrepreneursinc.com. Your presentation will be made available to event attendees (or ticket holders) following the event.

  • You’re welcome to bring a give-away or prizes to encourage interactivity, and/or include a discount for your products or services at the end of your talk.

  • Ensure your content is original and does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks

  • For in-person events, please arrive 30 mins prior to the scheduled event time to ensure set-up of your presentation on the monitor or projector (if applicable).

  • For virtual events, please log on 15 mins prior to the scheduled event time to set-up your screenshare.

  • Sign and return our Speaker Agreement at least 3 months prior to your Event Date.

  • Share a copy of your presentation to team@womenentrepreneursinc.com 24-hours prior to your event as a back-up copy (just in case!).

Promoting Your Event:

  • To properly promote your event, please provide a final version of the following (if different from your Speaker Application):

    • Talk Title (e.g. "Nail Your Elevator Pitch")

    • 2-3 sentence description (e.g. what are you speaking about, why is it important, and what makes you an expert?)

    • 3-5 bullet points that describe what an attendee can expect to learn

    • Headshot (photos should recent, professional, high-resolution images only; please include at least 1, but feel free to provide mulitple)

    • Professional/Personal Bio (max. 175 words) (please limit your bio to relevant information on why you’re an expert on your topic)

    • URL for members to post reviews of your presentation (e.g. your personal or company Facebook page, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • 🎥 We highly encourage you to record a short (15-25 sec) video promoting your event. In your video please introduce yourself, tell viewers what you’ll be speaking about and what they’ll learn by attending, and a call to action (include date, time, and location). Send your video to team@womenentrepreneursinc.com and post it on your social networks.

  • 📢 While we will do our best to promote your event on your behalf, we would LOVE for you to promote your event with your networks. Access to our logos and high-resolution graphics can be found, here.

  • 🎟 We invite you to 3 complimentary guest tickets for your friends and colleagues. Please send their full name and email address to team@womenentrepreneursinc.com.

Following Your Event:

  • An email list of attendees is available upon request (we ask that you please only send a one-time follow-up email and do not add email addresses to your regular newsletter since attendees did not opt-in.)

  • 📸 For in-person events, we will share any professional photography taken that you can use for your own marketing. A watermark of our photographer will be on the photos, please “photo credit” them on social media by tagging their company name.