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Skirt! Magazine: Melissa Barker Wants Women to Get Down to Business

“In April 2017, Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston was born out of this discovery I lacked skills to be a successful business owner,” Melissa says. “I knew if I could get women talking, that something good would come out of it.”

Melissa works to connect women entrepreneurs with experts, all in the name of developing skills and sharpening knowledge. Members of Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston must be the business owner or at least 50 percent owner committed to growing their own business and to helping others grow their businesses. Monthly workshops are open to the public for a fee. In its first year, Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston has supported more than 75 women-owned businesses.

“We’re a little more worksheets than wine,” she says, citing an upcoming workshop on the new business tax law, which she acknowledges might not be fun, but is nevertheless important.

Melissa Barker