Boss Lady Jobs: Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston

One of our #bossladies Melissa Barker is on a new journey to connect with her fellow business owners. This month she launched Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston, a group created to serve both established and aspiring women entrepreneurs in the city of Charleston, SC. While there are many organizations and events that exist, WEofC is unlike anything else available in our community today.

She shares, “I believe there should be a place where resources, learnings, and mentoring can take place in a way that aligns with the demanding schedule of a woman business owner. And, because I believe that if I had had access to a community like WEofC when I started MEL BAR MAR, it would have completely changed the way my business was founded, grew, and matured.”

Unlike a happy hour, networking group, or a large conference, WEofC is about supporting established women entrepreneurs to grow, improve, and/or sell their business while giving aspiring women entrepreneurs a fast-track way to start a business by leveraging valuable learnings from those who have gone before them.

WEC is a by-application only, collective of women who are serious about growing professionally and personally. While we are all in various stages of our businesses, across a wide range of industries, we all share one thing in common: the highs and lows of starting, owning, and/or growing a business. We also have personal experience, insights, learnings, and resources to share, along with shortcomings, questions, and challenges that could benefit from a small, curated group of women who are committed to helping each other.

Members benefit from in-person, focused workshops surrounding a skill or topic, as well as online, instant access to the knowledge of the group through private and group chat. While professional and personal development is our focus, our purpose is to support and promote each member’s business through referrals, recommendations, reviews, and advocacy.

Want to throw your hat in the ring? Click here. Looking to learn more? Click here.



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Melissa Barker