Expert-led by Wendy Keefer, Owner of Cellar Experiences


Common Legal Pitfalls for Small Business

Deciding to launch your own business can be an exciting time, full of work developing a service or project, a logo, a marketing plan and simply jumping into something you've dreamed of doing.  Knowing how to avoid some common legal pitfalls can allow you to start this journey with a focus on your dreams with confidence. As an attorney for more than 20 years and a small non-law business owner now for 3, I've seen first hand how to balance legal advice with business realities.

You can expect to learn about:

  1. Basic considerations in business formation

  2. The importance of written agreements to preserve your interests and your personal and business relationships

  3. Considerations necessary when starting to expand to include hiring and working with others in pursuit of your business goals

Meet the Speaker:

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Website | Email | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

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Wendy Keefer spent nearly 20 years practicing and teaching law. She loved the law but knew that she wanted to branch out into other things that sparked her passion. An amateur collector for years, Wendy knew she wanted to dig in and learn more about wine. While pursuing more formal training in all things wine and taking a job in the wine industry, she realized she wanted to share what she learned with others with the goal toward removing the confusion and intimidation that often cloaks wine in mystery. Opening Cellar Experience was the culmination of that goal. Wine brings everything Wendy loves together - geology, geography, history, science and art.