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I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Business Strategy/Planning

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Leadership


Proteus Consulting helps thought leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs launch and build their speaking brands. Many leaders are paralyzed thinking about launching their brand. Sound like you?

You know you have the story, the life-changing experience, or expertise to help others, but have no idea where to begin. You think you don’t have the knowledge, don’t know the right people, or lack the right tools for success. This is the biggest mistake thought leaders make, and successful speakers know that. All you need is some guidance, a plan, and some pressure. That’s where Proteus comes in.

We get you crystal clear on;

  • The Problem You Solve

  • How To Build Your Keynote

  • How To Establish Yourself As The Expert

  • How To Get Paid Speaking Engagements

  • How To Create Exponential Opportunity

Whitney McDuff helps women launch and build their public speaking careers. She is a speaker brand strategist and content specialist, PR navigator, published author, blogger, and poet. Passionate about extracting what makes each of her clients extraordinary, Whitney works with leaders across the country to build their speaker and company brands for measurable impact. An avid lover of language, Whitney knows the strongest content tells a compelling story that moves people to lead remarkable lives. Her mix of cheer-leading and ass-kicking for clients gets them clear on messaging and connected to the people they need to get results. She's hooked clients up with ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Marvel Studios, Stephen Colbert, and print publications across the country. Whitney is the author of the #1 selling children’s nursery rhyme "The Lollie Tree" and reoccurring contributor to City Moms Blog. She was the first woman contributor selected for the men’s lifestyle blog Charleston Joe, and was a cast member of Listen to Your Mother.

Do you have a story you’re ready to share with the world, or you need help building your platform to get results?

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