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How much have you paid in interest and late fees in the past six months? How many times have you told yourself you'd figure out how to get the bills paid off only to repeat the cycle every paycheck? How many self-help books or articles have you read? There is so much value in having someone help you through your workouts, nutrition, life struggles, home repair, but what about our debt? How would you rate the stress that your debt causes you compared to your other worries? It's no shock that money causes not only stress but depression, divorce and worse. The mounting fees and interest only double the amount owed compared to the dent your minimum payment made. I can not only help you pay down your debts in the short term, but provide you the resources to be better equipped for what life may throw at you in the future.

Personal finances and budgets are overwhelming at best and sorting through the myriad of self-help books to find solutions to an individual's complex and unique situation can seem almost impossible. There are countless reasons for incurring debt but most are the result of personal struggles and unexpected hardships that, alone, carry enough weight. Financial problems are one of the leading causes of stress and family or marital conflict. Tara will assist each person, couple or family to navigate their debts and gain not only freedom and peace of mind from their debt but also financial literacy to be better prepared for what future may hold.