Sarah Miller Gelber, Miller Gallery




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Miller Gallery presents contemporary fine art in an approachable manner. We represent 15 national and international artists, spanning the mediums of oil, acrylic, assemblage, collage, and textile. Our female owned and operated gallery stands behind our motto: ART FOR ALL. Both seasoned and new art collectors find unique, progressive, and exciting works of art through our exhibitions.

Miller Gallery’s founder and Director, Sarah Miller Gelber, provides expert insight to first-time and experienced collectors alike. Raised by art advocates - an architect and an art educator - her passion for all forms of art surfaced at a young age. Sarah grew up in Maryland where she was in arms reach of some of the country’s best international art museums. Sarah received a BA in Arts Management from the College of Charleston with accelerated contemporary art studies at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Beginning in 2012, she spent five years as art director for Mitchell Hill, a gallery and interior design company. In 2016 Sarah was voted President of the Charleston Gallery Association. She founded Miller Gallery in 2017 and led the Charleston Gallery Association as President through 2018. Sarah’s expertise is well-rounded in fine art and design. Her eye for intermingling classical artworks with contemporary counterparts is fresh and satisfying — and exactly the spark Charleston needed to invigorate a market that is now ready to embrace more contemporary art galleries. Having lived in Charleston for over a decade, Sarah has an awareness of the constant ebb and flow of market trends. This allows her to be an asset to her clients with varying art budgets and personal aesthetics. Sarah works with both private collectors and corporate clients, assisting creative teams in refining and achieving a unified artistic vision. She excels in facilitating large acquisitions for public and private spaces. She has curated over 60 exhibitions and is also a contributing writer to The Art Mag and various regional publications.