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I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Revenue Models/Pricing

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Productivity/Automation


As the founder of Forum Worldwide, she works with executive Forums (peer-groups) and management teams facilitating workshops, coaching leadership skills, developing and delivering content. Forum Worldwide helps clients succeed in creating a high-value Forum experience grounded in the understanding that deeper connections create better results. In addition to traditional coaching techniques, Forum Worldwide offers meditation, visualization, and yoga as non-traditional ways to explore Forum relationships and better understand one’s self. 

Renee's events bridge the gap between professional development and retreat experiences; she uses visualization and meditation that helps clients relax and slow-down so that they can quickly identify goals and move forward toward business and personal success.

She connects with groups by demonstrating vulnerability and active listening. She utilizes connection exercises, meditation, and visualization techniques to encourage the discovery of inner potential while trusting that the ancient premise that “nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero).

Renee Manning is a business coach and facilitator who focuses on helping small groups achieve their goals by creating deep, interpersonal relationships in a safe space for personal and professional growth. 

Prior to starting her company, Renee had a decade-long career as the Vice President of Forum at EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). Forum is EO’s number-one rated benefit, delivered to 90 % of EO members – approximately 9,000 participants in 120+ chapters – worldwide. In this role she supported an international group of member leaders, who are successful entrepreneurs (+ $1 million USD annual revenue), by providing professional experience in the area of facilitation, leadership coaching, strategic planning and member service. She also managed a global team of eight staff --three in the U.S. and five abroad—and oversaw the operations of a $1.3 million EO Forum Training business, including content development and the creation/maintenance of facilitator accreditation and certification processes.
She has a passion for international experiences, having completed a certification in Advanced Intercultural Management from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, and finds more similarities than differences in her global clients. 

Renee lives outside Charleston, S.C. She loves spending time outdoors with her family (she is a wife and mother of three daughters), with her friends, forum and on the mat; Renee is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200).