Paige Calla, Beautycounter

I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Sales/Managing a Pipeline

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Work/Life Balance


Beautycounter is a mission driven brand committed to forcing change in the personal care industry. We educate about how to make safer decisions about the products we use on a daily basis (not just beauty but cleaning products etc), we also advocate for more health protective laws by working directly with congress, and we have a line of products that are high performing and among the safest in the industry that provide consumers with a solution to the issue. There are over 1500 ingredients we will never use, the EU bans 1400, and the US only 30 so we are dangerously behind..

I began my business for my children...because I want a safer word for them and for generations to come. Spreading our mission is natural but what I didn’t expect was to actual make a thriving business out of this. Currently I lead a team of over 200 women that have decided to do the same; to do something socially responsible yet financially rewarding on their own schedules. It’s been an incredible company to be a part of.

Clean living educator and advocate, mom of 2 sweet kids, Lucy and Jack. I was raised in NJ and went to Rollins College in Florida where I met my husband, Jim. We moved back up to NYC where I worked in fashion PR and real estate before heading out to the burbs to have our first child. We moved to SC from NJ 4 years ago for a more laid back lifestyle (vs the NYC commute!!). We love all that Charleston has to offer plus being able to enjoy more family time with job flexibility. For the past 10 years I have loved learning about how to live healthy and clean (mostly how to keep my kids healthy and safe!) but stumbled on Beautycounter almost 6 years ago when I learned about a major lack of regulation in the personal care industry. I found myself sharing what I was learning with everyone so decided to make it my business. Our kids deserve so much better!!!