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Meet Liz:

Liz has been an esthetician since 2009. She's also a wife, a mother, a Mimi, a sister, an aunt, an entrepreneur, an advocate and a breast cancer survivor.

In 2016, after many years working "on the road" for large cosmetic and skincare brands, Liz decided to put down some roots back at home. "I enjoyed being on the road and wouldn't trade those years or relationships for anything. I have a more balanced life now. I spend every Wednesday with the grand daughters and family."

"As my practice has developed I've moved closer to wellness based treatments for skin and body. When you look at a whole person you can really identify what concerns them and help them find the way."

We are growing and have three staff members providing skincare and massage services to our clients.

The studio is also used for a training venue for other estheticians in more advanced modalities.

While her travel schedule has slowed down, Liz continues to provide quality professional product sales and devices to her professional clients across the state.

SkinPro Studio is not a medspa and not a day spa. We believe in customized treatments, partnerships with clients and results.