KimberMarie Faircloth, Totem (Student Member)


Totem is a customizable diversity tool businesses can integrate into their existing hiring technology. First, we create a Cultural Impact Assessment and then based on those results and where the business is wanting to create diversity, our tool will blind identifiers to make the process less permeable to unconscious bias.

Our goal is to help increase diversity throughtout the hiring process to help businesses increase diversity in their workplace. We invite you, to build your Totem with us. 

As an Anthropology major, KimberMarie is pursing an Applied Anthropological path with interests in organization anthropology and sustainable development. She has been interested in blind-hire applications since taking an Anthropology 101 class her second year of school. KimberMarie is now dedicated to creating a career where she can help business and corporations become more culture-oriented and sustainable. By building Totem with two other uber-motivated people, she has been able to create something centered around the very things she wants to see more or in the world: inclusion and sustainability. 

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