Karen Mitchell, Cottage Insights



I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Leadership

  • Work/Life Balance


The mission of Cottage Insights is to create opportunities for personal and professional development and growth. With our Insight Boxes, we offer busy women the opportunity to take time for themselves in a meaningful way and improve their lives through personal development. We focus on challenges that matter: our well-being, our relationships, our ability to focus, and our quest to balance all of life’s demands.
Our Insight Boxes are designed to provide relevant insights that can integrated into your life - and create a personal development journey that is both fun and positive. Cottage Insights also offers organizations customized programs, assessments and coaching focused on employee retention.

Dr. Karen Mitchell has spent the last twenty years developing and implementing meaningful learning experiences for adults. Her career started out in professional learning, where she created content and delivered training for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. In addition to her organizational experience, for the last fifteen years, Karen has worked in higher education, where she has served as a professor, course developer, and department chair. Karen wants to extend the bounds of the traditional classroom and create opportunities for learning and growth. She realizes that our time, energy, and focus are limited resources, and uses her background in academic research, motivation theory, and teaching, to create learning opportunities which create insight on topics that matter today.