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Joanne de la Rionda is the founder and owner of Cloister Honey, a handcrafted specialty honey company. Cloister Honey's honors include Southern Living Magazine 2015 Honey of the Year, 2016 Specialty Food Sofi Award and Our State Magazine's 2016 Food of the Year. Cloister Honey is sold nationally through small retailers as well as L.L. Bean and Whole Foods. Prior to starting her own business, Joanne was a Senior Vice President with Wells Fargo National Bank.

At Cloister Honey, we’re dedicated to preserving the incredible flavor and healthful benefits of natural honey. Nature has done her job so well, we want to preserve the goodness. Yet our philosophy goes beyond honey. We believe that being connected to nature keeps life grounded. By eating natural foods, growing your own or simply buying locally grown, we gain a better appreciation for nature and develop a greater ability to find joy in simple pleasures.