Jenny Phillips, Northwestern Mutual

I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Business Strategy/Planning

  • Finance/Taxes

  • Fund Raising/Loans

  • Sales/Managing a Pipeline

  • Running a Brick and Mortar

  • Selling a Business

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Work/Life Balance


Northwestern Mutual is a comprehensive financial planning firm. We help people spend life living through sitting down and discussing what is important to them. We then customize a financial plan that ecompasses a 25 area overview of their current plan, and point out the positive points, and give recommendations for making the plan even stronger. We look over areas such as whether they have adequate life insurance, disability insurance, investments, and wills, poa's trusts etc.

Jenny is a comprehensive financial planner for Northwestern Mutual, in lamens terms... she helps people think BIG and realize their dreams through a financial plan that both protects their risks so that they are able to be more adventurous and play BIGGER on their path toward the big goals in life. She and her family (husband, 3 children, and a dog) relocated from Decatur, Illinois. They were over the harsh winters, and wanted an easy ocean breeze lifestyle.

Jenny chose Charleston because of the strong group of women go-getters she knew she wanted to help through teamwork in their areas of expertise. She holds an under-grad degree in biology/pre-med, an MBA-Management, and is working on her CFP. Her current client portfolio thus far includes women and men in the entertainment industry, agriculture, healthcare, families with special needs,and newly married/starting a family go-getters.

She enjoys getting involved in her community, and has been a part of Junior welfare association, and various non-profits, she is very passionate about cerebral palsy and pediatric stroke awareness.

In her down time, she enjoys swimming, running, family activities, sewing children's clothes, and exploring the world!