Dawn Holzer, Pathway Leadership Consulting, LLC
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I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Business Strategy/Planning

  • Leadership

  • Work/Life Balance


We are in the business of transformation! Pathway Leadership Consulting, LLC is a leadership and organizational development consultancy dedicated to your success. We partner with you to provide fresh approaches to achieving goals that are tailored to your needs and strategic focus. We specialize in leader training, team development, executive coaching and helping organizations navigate change.

Dawn is passionate about helping people grow! She develops relationships with her clients that focus on results and sustainable solutions. As an executive coach, Dawn challenges her clients to think deeply, capitalize on their strengths, and accelerate their success. As a facilitator, Dawn is gifted at engaging participants and making learning relevant. Energizing and engaging, she quickly understands complex systems and brings an insightful, practical, no-nonsense approach to meeting her clients’ business needs. Dawn is a board certified coach, principal of Pathway Leadership Consulting and co-founder of CaseCards, a company that provides resources for developing interpersonal skills. When not working Dawn enjoys running, yoga and being outdoors.

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