Catherine Watt, EduForum



I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Revenue Models/Pricing

  • Internal Systems/Operations

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset


Access to higher education opportunities is neither affordable nor equally distributed across our communities. Loss of educational opportunity decreases individual achievement, increases debt loads across generations, limits technological innovation, and hinders the growth of small businesses across the country. We believe people deserve access to affordable education regardless of location or past experience.
EduForum brings the online shopping experience to education, similar to Travelocity or Expedia. We are a marketplace that brings institutions, employers, and learners together to create new efficiencies for accessing today’s education and training credential opportunities. We use multiple digital channels to help manage today’s lifelong learning processes. Students find courses they need when they need them and are enrolled at their selected institution. This saves them time and money, offering them options never before possible in higher education -- comparison, choice, and credibility from a single location.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Catherine Watt, has 25 years of experience across higher education. She has led institutional research offices, leading data reporting at the state and federal levels. Starting in 2009, she directed the first self-sustaining live online program at Clemson University, the MPA. She more than doubled enrollment, and the program generated $500,000 per year. Her work at Purdue included organizing the structure of a multi-campus DNP program, where she first established the processes that would lead to the current company.