Campbell Davis, Speared Olive


I’m willing to give advice on:

  • Marketing/Branding

  • E-commerce/Web

  • Technology/Cloud-based Tools


Speared Olive is a graphic design studio specializing in branding and web design that partners with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We create intentional brand identities and strategically design websites that convey your business's purpose. We do this by helping you to reach your audience, form meaningful connections, and turn visitors into dream clients. Our mission is to help you find your brand’s voice and present the best possible version of that voice to the world.

Campbell made the switch from corporate design to founding Speared Olive because she was passionate about wanting to help business owners tell their stories. Expressing yourself in the digital world is all about connecting one-on-one and Campbell is a people person. Campbell is a 90’s music maven, amateur sushi competitive eater, and a design guru.