Ali Powell, Fetes de Fleurs


Fetes de Fleurs, in English is "Flower Parties." We are a flower crown party business and floral arranging class business. We do flower crown classes and floral arranging classes in the home, as resident events, corporate events, and at local bars/restaurants around Charleston. The hope is to grow this flower party business so more women across the US in smaller cities like Charleston can also show their love for flowers through their own events.

Ali Powell just recently moved to Charleston, SC from living in Boston for 10 years. She has worked in tech selling software in silicon valley for HubSpot for 7 years. She has a love for helping other women in tech and especially women in sales connect with each other to learn from each other. Ali has just launched a side hustle that speaks to her love of being creative with flowers. She also runs a slack channel for women who work in sales.

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