MJ Le, Hyle Creative


Hyle Creative is a new generation creative firm in Charleston, South Carolina that puts business results above all else. Thus, we know a pretty project will only get you so far. If the needle isn’t moving, it’s all for naught. Your business needs will always come before our need to impress. When your business succeeds, so does ours. Hyle Creative specializes in Graphic Design, Website Design, Digital Marketing, and especially, we master in Social Media Marketing. Hence, if you are in troubles, just give us a shout to make your campaigns more outstanding.

Minhhy (MJ) Le is building a creative firm in downtown Charleston, SC where she can expand her abilities in Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising, and Marketing. She loves logo design, layout design, digital drawing, website design, and photography. She uses her talents to help local businesses and non-profit organizations display a more professional image with unique designs. Moreover, she is a Mentor at SCORE – a non-profit organization for local businesses and a Member Board of Directors at Beautiful Gate Center – a non-profit organization for Autism and Special Needs Children where she believes in giving back to the community.

You can find MJ at https://www.hylecreative.com/.

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