Micky Kerwick, MK Metrics


What if the health of your team, the engagement of your clients, and your company's alignment to core values could be assessed through a 3rd-eye perspective of your meetings? I'll let you in on a secret - it can. Invite MK Metrics into your meeting, and we'll diagnosis a path forward that increases collaborative dialogue amongst your team coupled with efficiency in client interactions - all in accordance with company values. A winning combination of top-line and bottom-line benefits.

Born in New York but raised in Charleston, Micky feels at home splitting her time between the buzz of NYC and the beaches of Charleston. Proud Mom to 3 crazy pups and currently in the adoption process to add a tiny human to the mix, she and her husband, Luka, know how to stay busy while juggling two businesses, contract work as a corporate trainer, and a passion for cars. Whether she is working with a client, her own team, or even close friends - Micky believes we thrive as individuals when we focus on the success of the people around us. You might bump into her at a local yoga class!

You can find Micky at http://www.mkmetrics.com/.