Maggie Mills, Black Book Marketing

We are a digital “little black book,” a who’s who of marketing and creative. Black Book is a team of talented individuals, brought together with the proper expertise to solve your marketing challenges. From branding to photography and content generation, we help develop your image and convey the right message for your company. We specialize in navigating the crossroads of corporate & personal branding. We make you look good and feel confident.

Maggie is a tenured advertising and publishing executive, with a career spanning the roles of executive director, chief content officer, designer, writer, and speaker. Through it all, her passion remains the creative team. There is nothing more exciting than brainstorming for the client. Maggie takes the project from doodles, to creating the concept, assembling the team, launching the project, and delivering results that consistently thrill. She currently serves as the President of the Charleston American Marketing Association and previously spent two years as their director of special events.