Kelly Franz, The Wine Glass Photographer / Lensitude LLC


The Wine Glass Photographer is a photography blog and online shop. If you crave a more flavorful taste to your home or office, The Wine Glass Photographer offers customizable fine art prints to create the perfect blend to match your decor.  From wood and canvas to acrylic and metal, these unique wine glass photographs will fill your walls with joy while you fill your glass to enjoy!

Before becoming The Wine Glass Photographer, Kelly began her photography journey by creating Lensitude LLC. Lensitude is photography that recognizes how attitude shapes visions. It's about capturing the emotions evoked through the lens. Explore the galleries and online store to find artistic prints that would be an ideal fit to express your personal style. 

Kelly Franz moved away from NYC and her career as an event planner to open her own online photography store.  Her passion turned profession was the result of letting her husband choose which state to live since he was willing to move to the U.S. from Germany. There’s no denying the charm of Charleston so it was easy for her to call it home. 

Kelly enjoys traveling and capturing the world through her lens.. and wine glass.