Erin Turner, Story + Social


Photography has been something I have pursued since I was a child and while my first career took me to major metropolitan cities as a television producer, visually seeing and telling a story has always been a craft I was honing. I finally had the courage to pursue photography full time in 2013 and never looked back. My job - whether I'm working with teens & tweens during a vulnerable time in their lives, women who want to experience the empowerment of a beautifully styled boudoir shoot, or a business looking to show the person and the personality behind their company - is to tell each person's story authentically. To get the the heart of what makes each of us unique and highlight that through beautiful, honest imagery. The biggest part of my job is making anyone I'm shooting feel comfortable, and I believe that is my biggest strength after years of interviewing fortune 500 CEOs to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I know how to make everyone feel special and even more I know how to understand who they are and get to the heart of what will resonate with them and who they are speaking to. It is my greatest challenge and by far my most rewarding feat - shooting images that tell the story of who you are, no matter your background. I create relative, interesting and personal content to be used on a regular basis on Social Media, websites and blog posts so personal brands can attract and engage their tribes through stylized content.