Finding your Sweet Spot with Shauna Van Bogart (2018 Member Kickoff Meeting)

  On January 19, Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston kicked off the new year with a meeting at The McIntosh featuring keynote speaker Shauna Van Bogart, founder of Best Kept Self and The School for Image Professionals. Shauna’s presentation focused on the idea of finding your “Sweet Spot” in business-- that place where you’re operating in your zone of genius and focusing on your ideal audience.

  Shauna covered more than an hour’s worth of material. Check out a recap here!

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Melissa BarkerThe Macintosh
An Open Letter About the Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit

"This event is for everyone. It is for every woman and it is for every woman who owns a business or aspires to. It is for every man who is looking for a way to join the conversation and give support to women in business in a meaningful way. And it is for every student and young person who will have a better chance at success by learning from those who have gone before them."

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Melissa Barker