Using Data to Fuel Your Marketing from Stefani Drake

November 2nd, 2018, WEoC held a virtual event held by the tech savvy, Stefani Drake. Stefani was able to share her trial and errors when it came to using numbers in business & marketing, allowing us to have the knowledge to use it for our business goals.

Special thanks to:

  • Keynote Speaker, Stefani Drake of Drake Strategies

  • Speaker Summary Author, Adriana Richardson of AVAS, LLC

First, we learned more about Data Foundation. Learning about data foundation allowed us to learn how to build a better strategy by looking at data to build our marketing strategy.

Ms. Drake used Instagram as an example. What brands did we recognize right off the bat? When you post a picture, are you telling a story? Who are you speaking to? A good strategy to use here is to post a quote or fact that goes along with your photo to draw people in. The question is, how do you know what will work? We will find out more later.

Before we get more into Social Media, we covered our website. Are you checking how many website visits you get on a daily or weekly basis? If not, you are missing out on free marketing! If you are, that’s great! Do you know how to read the results? This was the next topic of discussion.

The home page is the first thing people will see when coming to the site. If you have a 50% or less bounce rate, it means that people are staying on the site and looking around more. If your rate is in the 75-80+%, then it is time to reevaluate the site. Something isn’t working so it is time to ask yourself some questions:

  • Where are the spikes?- This can range from the time of day, the actual day, etc where there is an increase of visits.

  • Watch the behavior of the potential client- where did they leave off? Did they stop at the homepage? Did they continue to scroll to learn more about you? Where are the numbers stopping? What content seems to get the most traffic?

  • Google Analytics- Do you have this set up? Are you watching the traffic here as well? Where are the people coming from to visit your site?

  • What is your ultimate goal when people come to your site? Are you trying to get them to sign up for the newsletter, do you want them to learn more about the business?

There are many questions to ask yourself when using data for your website. Now, we can take a look at social media. How do we read the data here? Here are a few pointers below:

  • How many likes are you receiving when you post content?

  • Who are the people engaging on your post? This is where you want to pay the most attention.

  • Be sure to stay active on the channel of choice- you do not need to be on every platform. Focus on which one works best for your business.

  • Reach people with organic growth- don’t spend money on trying to get more followers. You want people to actually follow you, for you.

  • LinkedIn is a great source for those that are service based

  • Stay on your mission

  • Focus on relationships. People feed on emotional content. They want someone they can connect to. Build trust.

Social Media is a great way to reach your audience, send traffic to your site, and more! Once you work on building some sort of trust or relationship, you can send people to your site and have them join your email list. You can keep the relationship building through your email list. You just have to find out what works. 2% click rate is average for a mailing list. Once you hit 10%, you have a higher than average click rate, which is great! Examine which content works best. Where do the people stop or keep going? For example, if people aren’t opening their email, try changing the subject line.

There are many different places where you can pull up data. If you want to look at everything at once, Stefani referred us to try Cyfe. It is a free tool that will pull up all of your analytics for you to study and review.

Once you have the data in front of you, it is time to connect. Look at everything and see if the numbers are consistent. When you notice high spikes, think back to what you posted. Was it picture, quote, or both? Who were you targeting? What was the call to action? All of this will allow you to connect the trends and show you what is working. You will want to continue on this path.

With the newfound understanding of data, you will be able to test your numbers. Set a specific goal such as targeting a particular audience, setting benchmarks, etc.Along with this, we also had some other tips to apply in our business. They include:

  • Make sure your data is understandable and relatable

  • Use photos! Picture should be portrait, have a place, and detail. Tell a story with it. You will have 7 seconds to win someone over with your photo and story.

  • Videos are a great way to relate to your audience. You have about 15 seconds if you use Instagram for video and 16 seconds on your feed to capture someone.

  • Failure is a good thing! It allows you to re-evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Just re-adjust the road map and don’t give up!

  • Focus on the wins, no matter how big or small

  • Follow the 7 times rule- Around the 7th time posting, people will start to take action. Make sure you are being consistent with your content and posting

  • Watch out for leaking energy! Stop wasting time on things that aren’t working.

Overall, don’t skip out on reading your data. If you are struggling with marketing and want a boost, check the data constantly. It is there to help us and our business. It may take some time to get used to reading our data, but it is completely worth it.

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Melissa Cote