Opening Remarks at The Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit

Opening remarks from WEofC Founder, Melissa Barker, at the 2017 Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit

"In a recent study, data was collected from 1000 women-owned businesses. The study showed that the majority of businesses were born from personal passion and the desire to help others. Yet only 8% recognized financial gain as the core motivator. 

You see, women approach business differently.

And that is why if your version of success looks like starting and running a business you should have access to the knowledge and tools to do so successfully. 

Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston launched in April with 25 founding members. Today, we represent 60 business owners from 19 industries and a combined 200 years of business ownership experience.

We are dedicated to empowering women to start, grow and sustain profitable businesses in our community. We do this by hosting monthly events, lead by women experts who have proven themselves in the entrepreneurial space on topics directly related to running a company -  teaching you skills that can be implemented in your business the very next day.

It is our honor to co-host this evening’s event that recognizes and celebrates our growing community of women entrepreneurs and it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Dr. David Wyman, the Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston."

- Melissa Barker, WEofC Founder

Melissa Barker