An Open Letter About the Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit

Written by Melissa Barker, WEofC Founder

Women are often criticized for not supporting their own.

And if you listen to the current conversation in the media surrounding women in business, it can leave you feeling uninspired and that succeeding in business as a woman is a political statement instead of just a way of life.

And that is why events and organizations that highlight women who have their heads down but their eyes up are so important.

Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston is co-hosting the Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit on October 25, 2017 in partnership with the College of Charleston Center for Entrepreneurship.

This event is for everyone.

It is for every woman and it is for every woman who owns a business or aspires to.

It is for every man who is looking for a way to join the conversation and give support to women in business in a meaningful way.

And it is for every student and young person who will have a better chance at success by learning from those who have gone before them.

At this week’s event, and every day, it is critical that we show up for one another. To be present, active and engaged in the conversation. To listen to those who have gone before us, and who may just have that little piece of insight that we’ve been missing. It is with true intention that this event is entitled Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Summit — because it is indeed a celebration.

And while the media will probably continue to choose to talk about the bad, there is an incredible amount of good. And the community members who will occupy the seats and take the stage are a tangible and visible reflection of just that.

Join us on October 25 for an evening of celebration and inspiration — as we tell a new story about women in business.

Melissa Barker