Stop Generating Leads & Start Driving Demand For Anything You'll Ever Sell

In our final quarterly meeting of 2018, content marketing expert, Caroline Nuttal, encourages us to stop trying to be experts and start being visionaries in order to bring ongoing success to our businesses. 

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Let’s take a look at her AMPLIFY MATRIX:


How To  Think


  • Experts tell peole how ‘to do’ things.

  • After people ‘do’ the expert becomes ‘obsolete.

Visionary Town

  • Visionaries ask challenging & inspiring questions.

  • People keep coming back to the experts because they want more inspiration.

How To Do

Caroline says that while there is nothing wrong with being an expert and telling people how to do things, it is a very crowded field in the content business.   On the other hand, if we take the leap from what she calls “Expertville” over to “Visionary Town,” we can stand out in a field that is not crowded with so many others.


But, how do we do this?? 


Caroline outlines a 3 step process that will help us make this leap:

  1. BE AN AUTHENTIC INVESTIGATOR: Ask your audience questions that inspire them.  Don’t tell them what to do. Inspire them to think!

  2. AERATE & SIMPLIFY: When you come up with ideas for these inspiring questions, aerate them.  See how they are received.  Does your audience resonate   with them?  And them simplify your message to just those questions that resonate.

  3. AMPLIFY: Once you aerate and simplify then amplify that message/ those inspiring questions.  They are golden and will bring people back to you over and over.



“Give up the illusion that you need to build-up expertise in this world.  You simply need to be able to ask the questions that others won’t.”


“What questions can you ask, that Google can’t answer?”

Melissa Cote