The No-Fail Content Plan with Jamessina Hille

Speaker Summary written by Adriana Richardson, AVAS

The first virtual event of 2019, held by WEoC, kicked off on January 31st. The lovely,

Jamessina, taught us tricks of the trade on how to organize, plan, and market our


There are 3 steps Jamessina took to make sure content is kept fresh and marketable.

First, we covered over some marketing lingo that would be discussed later on. Without

using the dictionary description, this is what was included:

  • Marketing- Inspires engagement

  • Content- Drives engagement

  • Calls to Action- Convert engagements into clients/customers

  • Conversions- Measurable, varies in value

With these terms in mind, it made it easier to keep up with the discussion to come.

After doing a mini discussion describing the very basics of marketing, we dived into the

three components to having a successful content plan.

1. Focus on Your Brand

a. Make sure everything associated with your brand is available to the public this

includes your logo, pictures, etc.

b. Make sure everything is updated- refresh as needed

c. Know your channel and how to navigate each. There are three differenct

channels: Own (your website, blog, etc), Paid (Google Ads, Social media

ads, etc), Earned (speaking engagements)

d. Be relatable to your audience

e. Know the time and the place to mix business and personal life. Stay

focused on your brand

2. Define Your Objective in Marketing

a. The objectives can be the same ones you use in business, just make sure

your content has an objective (what message are you trying to get out)

b. Have a clear Call to Action- be clear on what you want your audience to do

c. Your content should be driven by a goal and/or objective

3. Follow K.I.S.S- Keep it simple, sister

a. Make sure your content has meaning. Try to stay away from fillers (uh,

umm, etc)

b. Make the conversion path easy. Follow a three click rule (from reading

your content to the call of action, you want no more than three steps).

c. If needed, have additional content ready to help the conversion rate

d. Look at your content from a customer’s point of view. Do you understand

the motive?

Once we got through the 3 steps of content marketing, we needed to figure out how we

would execute what was learned about creating the content. Luckily, Jamessina also

taught members how to create a content calendar.

There are some steps we must take in order for us to end up with the end product. With

the previous steps fresh in our mind, we went straight into learning how to apply the

content into a calendar month.

  • Have a clear objective on what you want to accomplish for the month. Ex. Grow

by 25%, increase your website traffic, make a certain number of sales, etc. If you

work with a team, make sure to share your plans with them as well.

  • List out everything related to your objective, what is your customer interested in?

○ Make sure it fits the business, your content will come from this

○ If you have certain deadlines, make sure your content revolves around that

  • Create a Tree (Free flow & Edit)- expand more on your topic

○ Here you can leverage your existing channels such as your blog, social

media pages, etc.

○ Create a clear call to action plan

○ Use the tree to figure out how to excute the content you’ve come up with

  • Once all the content is together, you are then able to Share, Execute, and Track

○ Always keep track of your progress. Make any changes you see fit.

○ Do not be afraid to reach out to experts- These include marketers, Virtual

Assistants, etc.

The event closed out with some questions from other members. The main point of the

answers is that we must focus on our niche. We do not have to focus on everybody.

Also, when you write your content, make sure you do not forget about your current

supporters. Learn to keep everyone engaged.

A special thank you goes to Jamessina Hille for taking the time out to teach us all on

how to come up with our own content plan and calendar. If you would like to keep in

touch, here are her handles below:

IG: Jamessinavh



Melissa Barker