The Newpreneur: The Underground Market No One Seems to Notice

The hot topics of the day are entrepreneurship, startups, and small business — especially women and minority-owned, those in tech, and those winning big funds from investors.

I love to follow them, hear about their innovative ideas, and many of them are my clients, who I work with to scale their efforts and cascade their business online.

But lately, I’ve been discovering and uncovering an underground un-tapped market that no one seems to notice — the Newpreneur.

While new entrepreneurial organizations and resources emerge everyday, there is a constituency that’s going largely under-served and unnoticed.

And, the majority of this group are women.

This constituency of women don’t dream of an office with pool tables, a full-time staff, and a board of directors.

They aren’t necessarily tech-oriented, don’t speak at conferences, and don’t typically make the news.

They don’t want to participate in pitch contests, get press for being the next “startup to watch,” or earn $100,000 in investment funding.

What they want is the financial-freedom and time-freedom of owning a business that is containable and profitable.

But, they still desire the same type of support that the more newsworthy constituent of entrepreneurs depend on: training, tools, networking, mentorship, and growth opportunity.

Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston was established to support the Woman Entrepreneur and The Newpreneur. We represent multiple tech companies, hot startups, and some of our members have killer offices, a full time staff, are partially investor funded, and/or rock the main stage at a conference. But, some of them don’t have or desire these things.

When I think about entrepreneurship, I think about creating an entity that solves a need — be it climate change or better diapers for babies, energy efficient cars or longer lasting lipgloss. I also think about profitability, more vacations, office hours I control, and getting to go on more fieldtrips with my son.

I’m an active supporter of startups and tech — and my business, MEL BAR MAR, continues to bring best-in-class marketing to this group of highly motivated, incredibly talented ventures.

But, I’m excited to keep uncovering and learning more about The Newpreneurs who are showing us another side of entrepreneurship — a side that could make the idea of owning a business appeal to more women worldwide.

Melissa Barker