Money Mindset Hacks with Tina Lensing

Speaker Summary written by Adriana Richardson, AVAS

Money. The 5 letter word that elicits strong feelings, mostly negative, for a lot of people.

Good or bad, we have to talk about it. Luckily, on February 10th, 2019, Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston hosted a virtual event on the subject. We learned how to turn our negative mindset towards money into something positive.

The event started with a brief introduction with our Transformational coach host, Tina Lensing. The conversation followed death with our mindset. First , what is it? Our mindset is our thoughts and programmed beliefs. Our beliefs are the thoughts we told ourselves over time and what we find to be fact. To put it frankly, our own thoughts control our mindset. In this case, we are dealing with money.

In order for us to have a more positive mindset towards money, we have to reprogram ourselves. This sounds exactly the way it does. We have to reprogram our minds in order to have a positive reaction.

Tina listed some common beliefs that get in our way of having a positive relationship with money which includes: “I have to choose love or money”, “Mo money, mo problems”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, etc.

Tina then taught us about an exercise by Lisa Nichols called “What lies do you Tell Yourself?”. There are 5 steps to take in this exercise to help us with reprogramming. They include:

  1. Write down all the lies/negative thoughts you’ve heard when it comes to money.

  2. Be sure to leave 3-4 lines blank between each lie you write.

  3. Keep writing until you mind becomes blank.

  4. Go back through each lies and write the ultimate truth underneath each.

  5. Over the course of 2-3 days read both the lies and the truths. After the 2-3 days, just read the truths.

By taking these steps, you are reprogramming new neuro-connections to believe the truths that come to money. Our brain biology doesn’t like to take us out of our comfort zone, so we have to continue to practice and be consistent. This will then become the new normal. By the end of this, you should have a more positive outlook on money and it will show in your business and everyday life.

After learning about this neat exercise, we then learned the top three hacks for our mindset and ways to approach money.

  1. Create and Hold Your Vision

    • A lot of times, we focus so much on money that we lose focus on our vision

    • We tend to know what our key principles are, but we choose not to follow or apply. We have to rewire and focus on our goals.

    • What is the impact we desire to contribute through our business? Is it positive testimonials, clients, etc.

    • What feelings do we want to feel along the way?

    • If you do not have a vision when you think about your business, mate it is time to reevaluate and figure out what you truly desire.

    • “Hold your vision like it’s gold and plan like it’s loose gravel.”

  2. Create Strong Standards and Boundaries

    • Figure out what you are wanting to commit to, to create an ideal financial situation. This will be know as the “womb” create physical boundaries where the situation (finances) can grow and develop.

    • Standards are principles you commit to. “I expect to receive ___ amount of money,” “I will show respect to my money” “I will not lower my pricing after I give them out.”

  3. 100% Integrity

    • Actively integrate your knowledge.

    • Integrity gives you more energy and action. These are your standards when it comes to finances.

    • When your integrity is out, you may feel guilty, ashamed, a pushover, etc.

      • Example: You have into a client by lowering your prices when you didn't want to.

    • Remember not to beat yourself up if it happens. Just keep pushing on. You will always be shaping your standards.

    • One thing to remember: Obstacles are opportunities for fine-tuning your exact standards.

After going over these three hacks, we ended the event with these thoughts in mind:

  • Always practice your truths!

  • Revisit your vision, especially before a bug launch or pitch.

  • Re-read your truths about money.

  • Act aligned with your standards.

A special thank you goes to Tina Lensing for speaking with us about Money and how to reprogram our thoughts about it. Want to keep in touch? Find Tina online!

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Instagram: @tinalensingcoaching


Melissa Barker