Maximize Your Productivity with Brette Rowley

If you missed out on this incredibly informative live webinar, not to fear, your blog-based replay is here!

Marketing Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, Brette Rowley, gifted WEofC with a straightforward plan for maximizing your productivity via 3 steps: Strategies, automation, and tools.

Special thanks to:

  • Keynote Speaker, Brette Rowley of Brette Rowley

  • Speaker Summary Author, Jennifer Robinson of Peaceful Living Wellness

First things first! You need to ask yourself a key question:

”What is holding you back from being productive? Clutter? Email? Lack of Focus?”

Go after whatever it is in a ONE DAY KICK-START! During this day de-clutter your desk, your in-box and your brain.  Next, set-up your processes. And, finally, clear your to-do list.

“But... but... but... if I knew how to do that I wouldn’t be struggling with productivity in the first place!”

Let’s take a look at the easy strategies Brette gives us for doing these things.

  • De-cluttering the email and desk:

    • Time block when you are going to do different types of tasks: Daily/ weekly/ monthly

    • If you can do something in 5 minutes, do it. If not, categorize it into a time-block to                            get to at a later time.

    • Break big tasks down to small tasks.

  • Setting Up Processes:

    • Decide how you are going to handle incoming paperwork, email and marketing.

    • Again, time-block for each of these things.

    • Set a place in your workspace for tangible things.

  • Clearing The To-Do List:

    • Set a schedule in consideration of your naturally productive time.

    • Be mindful of those things that might get your off track.

    • Be consistent.

    • Eat 3 frogs - do the things you like the least first.

    • Use a timer to keep yourself accountable to your time-blocks.

 You can use these strategies during your One-Day-Kickstart AND to maximize your productivity on an ongoing basis.

 Brette also gives us some golden nuggets of advice on how to automate for maximum productivity!  She highly recommends automating in the following areas: Sales, marketing and operations.

For Sales, she recommends automating your proposals and contracts. For proposals, she uses Canva. For contracts,  she uses HelloSign.

 For marketing, Brette recommends using email automation through one of the many email automation platforms. Her preferred platform is Mail Chimp.  She says you can use automated email to ask for referrals, as well as client education - e.g. if you are answering the same questions for your clients over and over again! Send them an automated email instead!

She also recommends automating your social and blog posting.  Brette’s fav? Coschedule.

 Finally, automating your operations is essential for increasing your productivity according to Brette.  She finds Insightly to be her favorite client/ project management software. She  also highly recommends automating your accounting and invoicing. Her go-to for this? Wave Financial.

There you have it!  Maximizing your productivity with just a few easy time-saving methods and tools! 

But wait, before you go!  Brette has two last resource recommendations:  Zapier connects all of your other software/ apps/ online tools together.  And, her go-to book AND #1 RESOURCE, “Getting Things Done,” by David Allen.

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Melissa Cote