Event Recap: Founding Member Kickoff, Spring 2017

Do you ever get the feeling you're onto something BIG?!

Today, I did.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us this morning at our very first WEofC official event. It was an incredible morning full of great food (not to mention chicken and waffle cupcakes!), ambitious women, and take-aways that will stick with me.

A very special thank you to Betsy Hare, Campus Director at The Iron Yard for her support of our event.

- Melissa Barker, WEofC Founder


Melissa Barker, Founder and Director of Programming for WEofC; Owner of MEL BAR MAR, Digital Marketing Agency

To View Melissa’s Presentation: Click Here

Cliff Notes: Be willing to peel back a couple of layers and be a tiny bit vulnerable to get the most out of WEofC for yourself and your business.

Caroline Nuttall, serial entrepreneur; Owner of Monumental Shift

To View Caroline’s Presentation On "Chief Balancing Act: A Simple Ratio that Drives Long-term Entrepreneurial Success," Click Here

"Women entrepreneurs have a huge blindspot. While we're tackling our never-ending to-do list of building business models and cash flow budgets, hiring, selling, learning new software, raising capital, networking, building our next marketing campaign—all while juggling our responsibilities at home like the wonder women we are—there's a giant force about to hit us in the rear out of nowhere.


What if there was a formula to create a sustainable balance of success?

In this session, serial entrepreneur Caroline Nuttall will teach us how to bridge the gap from founding passion to longterm prosperity. We'll discover the three fundamental principles we need to build a sustainable, booming business. We'll understand why the ever-changing challenges we face lead to adrenaline spikes and discomfort, and what to do about it. Through real-world examples, we'll learn the balanced ratio that successful entrepreneurs use to ensure vitality and longevity, both in business and in life. You'll walk away with the formula to creating a business that makes you feel truly alive, the steps to apply it to wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, and the foresight to empower your long-term success.

Are you ready to balance the things that matter most?"

A Very Special Thank You to Our Food & Bev Sponsors

Featured Giveaways

We encourage members to provide free and/or discounted products and services to one another in order to provide personal experience with our brands which makes it easier to provide referrals to your ideal client.

Event Photography by Kelly Vann Calaway

Melissa Barker