DIY Marketing for Small Business

WEofC Workshop, July 2017 | Event recap written by Joanna Harrison, WEofC Director of Community | Photography by Kelly Vann Calaway

WEofC Gives a DIY Twist on Marketing.

A special thank you to the WEofC members, guests, speakers and vendors for a truly successful July workshop!

Turning introspection into action was the overwhelming theme of the day at our DIY Marketing for Small Business Workshop. Speaker Nikki Seibert of Wit Meets Grit shared her insight on S.W.O.T. Analysis, which really got some gears moving and sparked insightful conversations about how to capitalize on our strengths, jump on opportunities, face and embrace our weaknesses, and confront our threats head on as entrepreneurs.

Erika Firm of Analog Creative Co., took us through some fundamentals of branding – clearing up some common misconceptions around branding vs. marketing and the importance of knowing who you are not only as an individual, but as a business.

Get Erika’s Speaker Notes, here >

Rounding it all out, Melissa Barker of The Show and Tell Co. shared her enterprise-level expertise on how to turn a small business into an “automated marketing machine.” We learned about how to automate various technology platforms in order to attract > capture > nurture > and convert (aka increase revenue with less time in front of a screen!) 

Needless to say – we managed to squeeze A LOT into 3 hours.

Thank you again to our vendors, Verde and Coastal Coffee Roasters for the delicious cold-pressed juices, coffee, and pastries provided.  

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Melissa Barker