Top 10 Learnings from 1 of Charleston's Top Women Entrepreneurs


On June 28th, WEofC hosted an event that allowed women entrepreneurs to learn more tricks and tips in the business world with a well known local woman entrepreneur. Women were allowed to express their concerns and questions with someone who “gets it” and left the program feeling empowered and ready to take on their endeavors.

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Speaker Summary:

As promised, there were 10+ tips learned in this program. We jumped right in and got started.

  1. Ideas are easy

    • Anyone can have an idea. You don't have to be afraid to share them with others. It can be for the best to share and receive feedback.

    • Timing is the top tier of success. Then these follow behind: team/execution, idea, business model, & funding

  2. Be passionate or don't do it!

    • Don't go into something just wanting to make money. You need to have a passion for it.

    • If you have a passion for tech, go for it! Tech is gender neutral.

  3. There is NO right answer

    • Be willing to stand up for what you believe. Any ideas can be criticized because there are no right or wrong answers.

    • The leader of the group normally has the final say, but they still take into account what team members say.

    • Trust your gut and stay persistent if something seems 'right'.

  4. Think different

    • Create your "Self-licking Ice Cream"- everyone helps everyone

    • If one way isn't working, don't be afraid to step outside the box. Tip- multiple streams of income can be helpful.

  5. Surround yourself with the right people

    • Have at least one dependent person in your corner. Another entrepreneur/business owner can be very beneficial with this.

  6. Turn your weakness into strength

    • If you're the only female in the room, use it to your advantage!

    • You want to stick out. You will get noticed more.

  7. Perception is reality

    • Put out what you want other people to see.

  8. IP is not expensive and it is powerful

    • Copyright and trademark your products.

  9. Raise capital only if you need too

    • The sad reality, fewer women get capital for their projects than their men counterparts.

    • When you do receive it, it can feel as though you are trying to constantly pay the person back. It's best to raise money in your own way if you can.

  10. Amazon, Direct, or Distributor?

    • Overall lesson, take advantage of the web for your products. You want to 'make money as you sleep.'

  11. Know your end goal

    • When you start something, you must have an end in sight. What do you want out of this?


Aside from these wonderful tips given, there were also a couple more pieces of advice given to us.

  • You never fail until you stop trying.

    • We will hit a wall or two on our journey, but that does not mean to give up. Your work will pay off.

  • Pick a social media platform that is best for your business.

    • While there are many platforms out there, you do not need to be on all of them. Hang out where your niche is.

Krissa loved this quote and it seems fitting to leave on this note: 

"Being an entrepreneur is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss of death." -Elon Musk.


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Melissa Cote