Make Your Brand a Magnet for $100,000 Deals


On October 5th, 2018, WEoC hosted a virtual event held by the lovely Bea Wray. During this event, she shared with us her personal stories and how she made her way to the top.

Special thanks to:

  • Keynote Speaker, Bea Wray of Pearl Sky Studios

  • Speaker Summary Author, Adrianna Richardson of AVAS

Speaker Summary:

With Bea sharing her story about her life, it gave us a little more understanding as to how she was able to make it so far in a male dominated world. This leads us to the very first tip. What is your story? We all have a story to tell, make sure to actually use it. It helps for people to get to know the real you, especially in a saturated market. Even though we may hear this a lot, doing your best and chasing your goals is a must! You should always be looking for your “next”.

Next, we looked at the Market Pyramid. There are four sections and each of these sections are important to understand if you want to make it to the next level. Let’s start with the bottom of the pyramid.

  1. Boil the Ocean

    • Roughly 98% of the market goes toward this category. In short, this is the area to avoid. This is the place where all of the wasted marketing money, low conversion rates, non-buyers, etc lie. People have become so concerned with numbers, that they lose focus on what really matters. In order to leave this section, you must understand that it is better to be closely connected and respected by a select few versus trying to be in front of “everybody”.

  2. Brand Building

    • As we move up the pyramid, we hit the second category. Brand Building or “Brand-netic Marketing” as Ms. Wray put it. This area is where we truly figure out our why and who we are as a brand.

    • One question you should always ask yourself is; What is your story? People want to know you, so you want to be able to set yourself apart. The “Riches are in the Niches”, so you want to make sure you are very specific in who you are trying to market. People are more inclined to share information about someone they “know”, so tap into your emotional side and share!

    • Another tidbit to remember is how you communicate with your market. There are many channels to promote and share, but only a few are actually “yours”. Ms. Wray broke it down for us in a way that was understood a lot better. Here is it below:

      • Yours (Rented Marketing): Includes Sponsorships, Social Media platforms, and Advertisements. While these are yours so to speak, you are using “rented” space. This means that these items don’t truly belong to you. You are using another service for an upper hand. If these were to disappear the next day, then there is nothing you could do about it.

      • Ours (Earned)- Includes Speaking Engagements, Online Reviews, Influencers, TV, Radio, and print. This means you’ve done the work and you are now recognized by others. People want to hear what you have to offer and say, but again this is not on your “territory”.

      • Mine- Email list, Podcast, website, blog, etc. This category is all you. This is your audience that you’ve built. However you built this up, it is yours to claim!

  3. Mini Sale

    • The category right before the last! You’ve worked hard and now it comes down to selling to your audience. You may not make the exact numbers you want right away, but the mini sale is here to help. This is your qualifier and time saver. This will show others that you offer a lot of value and will lead to your bigger sales. Make sure to start small and make it very specific. Some examples include doing a one day presentation on a “hot” topic in your industry or selling packages tailored to your market.

  4. Sale

    • You’ve made it to the top of the pyramid! Feel free to make your own pyramid to figure out the steps you want to make. You can decide what your big ticket sales will be here and sell! About 4% make millions in this category, so make sure to work hard and make your mark!

  5. Closing Notes

    • There are certain times where things may seem daunting, but just remember these few things:

      • Do Your Best

      • Keep going after your goals and always look for your “next”

      • It will be a little harder for women in the market because we only have “one” brand.

        • Ex. Mom, Business woman, etc. This doesn’t mean you give up.

      • Build relationships, don’t focus on numbers.

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Melissa Cote