Spring Member Meeting & Our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Our WEofC first-anniversary celebration was a gathering to be remembered! 45 members and guests attended! We would like to offer many thanks to our members who volunteered to host table displays, our event sponsor Deirdre Sommerkamp of Get Healthy Inside Out and of course our space host, Ashley Lewis of Holy City Collective!  

We are also very grateful to our talented keynote speaker Kim Percival for her inspiring and informative presentation "Behind Yes."

Congratulations to our giveaway winners & thank you for the donations from the sponsors! Congrats to Kelly Franz for winning Holly Fisher of Fisher Creative's one free admission to her Story Board event! Kelly Callaway won Becki Burke of Monat's Monat Hair Care System! Lastly, congrats Sonya Giffen for winning Deirdre Sommerkamp of Get Healthy Inside Out's Arbonne healthy living basket!

> Speaker Summary written by Jennifer Robinson of Peaceful Living Wellness

Speaker Summary:

  • YOUR "Way of Being" is essential to get to, YES!"
  • YOU are the most valuable and important ASSET to your company.
  • YOU are the most valuable and important ASPECT to your company.

Being Extraordinary

  • Be TENACIOUS: When people say, "no" say, "next." Act as if you are raising money for a lifesaving treatment for your child!
  • Be a LEADER: 99% of the wold are followers. You are a leader.
  • Be, "I" in service to the, "WE."
    • Be about something.
    • Be about something bigger than you.
    • Have "clarity" and "consciousness" about what you are creating.
  • Finally, she reminded us that getting to YES is easier if we detach from the outcome of our sales pitch and remember that our WHY is because WE SERVE.

Kim shared a heartfelt personal story with us about a time when she was working as a young engineer. She was presenting to her more senior colleagues and was asked a question to which she did not know the answer. She became embarrassed and apologizws profusely for not knowing the answer. But, she was very lucky to have an important mentor in the organization share his knowledge and encouragement with her. He told her:

"Do not apologize for what you don't know. You do not need to apologize for showing up to work. You will find the tools you need. And that's enough."

She was able to learn to appreciate herself and have confidence in herself even when she did not know an answer. And she learned not to, "aplogize for showing up to work!" As an entrepreneur she took that lesson and turned it into the belief that she is the biggest asset to her business! This belief changed her business. 

In closing, Kim urged us to take a realistic look at where we are in our business right now and then imagine what our ideal business looks like. She encouraged us to examine what is missing in the gap between where we are and where we want to be and then pull those tools into our tool boxes!

So she says, "don't show-up as if you are missing something! it will come through in every conversation you have!" She reminded us if we show up as if we are missing something, we, "will not show up POWERFULLY in our sales transaction!"


To learn more, or get personalized help from Kim, contact her at kim@kimpercival.co

Special thanks to our professional photographer, Kelly Vann Calaway:

Melissa Cote