5 Numbers that Show Why Investing in Women is GOOD Business


In the US, the median pay for full-time working women is $41,554, but $51,640 for men, creating a pay gap of $10,086. That means women make $.80 for every $1.00 a man earns. [SOURCE]

This is BAD business.

Here's 5 numbers that show why investing women in GOOD business:

2.1 Trillion

Estimated increase in US GDP if women achieve economic gender equality by 2025



Amount of income women invest back into their families and communities (compared to 35% of men)


28 Trillion

Estimated growth to Global GDP if women were empowered to be fully engaged in economic growth



Business performance increase of teams with at least 1 woman over those with only men


20 Trillion

Average buying power of women who control on average 70% of household income spending decisions



Are we done here?!

Melissa Barker