How to Grow Your Brain, Guest Post from Laura Camacho, PhD

Did you know that your brain is constantly rewiring itself? That’s what neuroplasticity is all about. Use this knowledge to grow your brain! Psychologist and researcher Dr. Carol Dweck coined the “growth versus fixed mindset” framework more than 10 years ago. This concept allows you to train your brain to be a better problem solver by adapting more of a growth mindset.

Melissa Barker
Improving Time Management with The Eisenhower Quadrant

When you are a small business owner, "time management" is not longer just a fluffy phrase, thrown around on motivational Instagram quotes - your time now equals your profit. Wasting your time getting muddy in the trenches could mean missing out on a new lead, landing that new account, or making a sale. 

The Eisenhower Quadrant is a simple way to visualize and categorize your daily tasks, and then figure out which of those tasks you need to 1. Do, 2. Plan, 3. Delegate, and 4. Eliminate...