Why, who, what, and how we do what we do. 


What We Believe

 01. We Believe in Making Business Ownership Accessible to the Woman Who Wants to Pursue It.

— Our Commitment to You:

Our commitment to you is that we care about your definition of success and that we will provide the professional development, knowledge exchange, and meaningful connections to help you reach it faster.

— Your Commitment as a Member:

Your commitment is to be as dedicated to your vision of success, and to helping other women along the way, as we are to you.


02. We Believe in Learning From the Women Who Have Gone Before Us

No single woman can show you the path to success. But many women can share their shortcuts to get you there faster.

— Our Commitment to You:

Our commitment to you is that we will find these women. We will bring them to you. And, we will have a safe place where they can impart their knowledge, expertise, and shortcuts to you.

— Your Commitment as a Member:

Your commitment is that you will show up. You will listen. You will bring it back to your business. And, you will pass it along.


03. We Believe there is Power in Founder-to-Founder Knowledge Exchange

As a member of WEofC you have access to a group of women that have been where you are. No matter what industry you represent or where you are in your business lifecycle, we all share the same pains from: operations to sales and marketing, technical troubleshooting, pricing, cash flow, and managing a team...

— Our Commitment to You:

Our commitment to you is to create an infrastructure, using in-person events, Slack, and our Closed Facebook Group that facilitates knowledge exchange.

— Your Commitment as a Member:

Your commitment is that you will use them. That you will allow yourself to shed a couple of layers, to be a tiny bit vulnerable, and to ask questions. That you will ask members to attend your upcoming event, comment on your blog, and write you a review.

Who We Serve

We are dedicated to helping women start, grow, and sustain profitable businesses. To become a member of WEofC, we ask that you meet the following 2 pieces of criteria:

1. Founder or at least 50% Co-Founder of a business headquartered in the greater Charleston area 

2. Committed to growing your business and helping other women to grow theirs

What We Do

To deliver on our mission we stay focused on these 3 things:



Our highest priority is delivering valuable content that will directly impact a woman's ability to run her business more effectively. Monthly WEofC Workshops are presented by WEofC Members or women experts who have proven themselves in the entrepreneurial space. Topics are directly related to running a company.



Our second priority is providing an infrastructure and creating a community where members can freely exchange ideas, give advice, promote their business, and ask for help.

We use 2 primary tools to facilitate knowledge exchange:


closed facebook group 



Our third priority is to facilitate meaningful member-to-member connections. Women learn about each other and each other's businesses which often results in cross-promotion, referrals, and reviews.

We also provide members with sponsorship and speaking opportunities that are afforded to us through the WEofC platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to own a business to join?

Yes, business ownership is defined as being 100% owner or at least 50% co-owner. Co-ownership can be shared with a man or woman to be eligible.

2. Are you a non-profit?

No. We are a for-profit, for-good company.

3. Does WEofC pay for speakers?

No. Speakers are selected based on their expertise and passion for mentoring and inspiring other women entrepreneurs. Speakers are promoted through our social media channels and the ability to connect with our members for follow-up activities in exchange for their time.

4. Are you a tech group?

No. We represent 19 industries, fashion to fitness, tech to accounting (as of Spring 2017).