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Learning To Speak Well About Yourself - Out Loud! (In-Person)

Across the spectrum of age, race and economic standing, we've found that many women grapple with the ability to forthrightly express their skills and abilities.

In this fun and highly interactive talk, we'll provide insight into the ways that women diminish themselves by the way they speak, and how we can overcome it.

At the end of the conversation, the group will have a clear 3 point template of actions to avoid and overcome communication self-sabotage as well as ways to use language to empower themselves.

In this unique workshop, Q&A is often the best part!

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

1. Understand how certain communication choices can dilute and diminish their intended message;

2. Gain an understanding of how we can change conversations by actually changing how we have the conversation;

2. Walk out with a framework with which to better communicate their ideas, skills & abilities; and

3. Practice, out loud, enumerating what are their rockstar talents and skills.




LB Adams

LB is a native New Yorker who has found a home as an entrepreneur in South Carolina. She’s worked as an executive in both the banking and intellectual property fields, as well as in theatre and performing arts centering on acting, directing and producing.

LB’s company, Practical Dramatics, is a genetic creation born out of these focuses and merges theatre-based strategies to a professional development platform in order to provide fun & experiential soft skills growth at every level. She is a passionate believer in the power of conversation.

LB serves on the board of the Center for Women and volunteers with Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and Charleston-area school districts to bring her company's brand of soft skills training to high school & college-age students. She is currently writing a book on soft skills in the technology age and is happily married with one daughter.