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Virtual Workshop


How do you know what you don’t know before its too late? Leadership blindspots can keep a business from growing to its full potential and limit your ability to adapt and learn.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get out of your comfort zone, look left, look right, and define a clear path for navigating the unexpected each day.

We’ll talk about how to motivate yourself, mine for your weaknesses, and trust yourself enough to fill in the gaps where you struggle for the right answers.

Mastering this is what can take a business from year 1 to year 10 and beyond!

< THIS IS A VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Ticket holders will receive a link to join the Zoom virtual conference 1-2 hours in advance. Recordings are available for ticket holders following the event. >


NOTE: Virtual Workshops are FREE for ‘Lite Lunch’ and ‘Sunday Brunch’ Members. Not sure? Email us:


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Ingrid Tugwell

As an experienced speaker and facilitator, Ingrid is growth-focused, informative and humorous. Her expertise is adaptable to all environments with approaches to leadership, communication, strategy, change, life-balance, customer service and teamwork. Strong focus on human relations and workplace behaviors to motivate, mentor, engage and drive personal and professional success. Understanding social relations empowers organizations and initiates employee satisfaction leading to increased productivity in the workplace.