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Harnessing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur (Virtual)

As women, we often fall into the same traps over and over that keep us overwhelmed, isolated, anxious and lacking in impact.

When typical business strategies fail, it's our mindset that can allow us to rise above our own self-sabotage.

In this virtual workshop, we’ll dissect the common lies we buy into as women and how to eliminate them so that we can grow professionally and personally.

We’ll walk-through real examples, dive into next-level concepts to shift our thoughts from harmful to helpful, and reveal tactical ways to challenge self-doubt, fear or self-imposed limits.

< THIS IS A VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Ticket holders will receive a link to join the Zoom virtual conference 1-2 hours in advance. Recordings are available for ticket holders following the event. >




Gervase Kolmos

Gervase Kolmos is the CEO and founder of Shiny. Happy. Human. and the creator of The Champagne Society. A Certified Mindset Coach for Mothers, she believes in "motherhood, AND" instead of "motherhood, OR" and coaches women through the process of shifting their identities post-motherhood from who they think they should be to who they are at the core. In 2017, she was voted “Woman to Watch” as part of the Center for Women’s Charleston Most Influential Women contest. She's been featured on Lowcountry Live and in Skirt! magazine and her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, Charleston Moms Blog and more. She's the mama to 5yo and 2 year old little girls and has been happily married to her marine biologist husband for 8 years.